Feb 4, 2003
I'm toying with the Idea of hiring a venue in Ipswich for a Drum and Bass night. I don't know Ipswich at all coz i'm based in kings Lynn, about 80 miles away. I've got a contact for a 260 capacity venue that is affiliated to the Corn exchange called 'The Venue'. They seem keen and claim to be busy. Anyone know what it's like? Let me know please.
The night will mostly consist of West Norfolk and Cambridgeshires up and coming DJ's and hopefully one name DJ, but to help with local interest, I want an Ipswich rinser. Anyone Interested, send me an E-mail or message via the forum, and if Igot some good vibes i'll book a night. Then i'll reply to you all and ask for a mix tape and CD, and w'ell take it from there. I'M TAKING THIS VERY SERIOUSLY, SO PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!!
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