Invisible Landscape - Moldavian Harvest 2008 / studio mix

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Jan 30, 2008
Moldova, Republic of
Moldavian Harvest 2008

100% moldavian drum & bass

compiled and mixed by Meatworks aka Invisible Landscape

...So here we go. I want to present you anual studio mix - best drum'n'bass
tracks we've made this year. 6 producers, 20 tracks, 7 labels.
different subgenres, different vibes...

Big Thanks and Respect for everybody who supported us this year:

All Bassdrive Crew! Overfiend, Reflect, Operon, Spinn, Stunna, Flaco,
Carl Matthes, Dave Notion, Resound, Calculon, D2une, LM1, Dj Spim,
Jebar, Atmospherix, The Real Place 42 @ Telluric, Qumulus, Planet Funk,
Physics, Lady Bluez, Dj Viper, Paul SG & Marco, J Bostron, Dj Gvozd & Zemine,
Dj Clart, Fusion @ Spectrum, Rico DRKSTR, Subject 13 @ Vibez
and many others

and of course LISTENERS!!!!

Big UP!


1. Alex Gray - Underground Move [Unsigned Dub]
2. Invisible Landscape - Blame Leary [Funkstar Dub]
3. Invisible Landscape - Basic Elements [Deep Instinct Dub]
4. Invisible Landscape - Trip [Deep Instinct Dub]
5. Shebuzzz - In Infinity [Golden Orb]
6. Invisible Landscape - First Is Forever [Golden Orb Dub]
7. Invisible Landscape - Cosmodrome [Funkstar Dub]
8. Invisible Landscape - Keep It Funky [Funkstar Dub]
9. Invisible Landscape - Go On And Cry [Liquid Brilliants Dub]
10. Invisible Landscape - Strange Journey [Unsigned Dub]
11. Shebuzzz - Menthal Voyage [Didgibeat music]
12. 2R - Sea Moon [Ammunition Dub]
13. JMJ - Magnetic Fields (MW Bootleg Remix 2008) [Dark Asylum]
14. 2R - Ghost House [Ammunition Dub]
15. 2R - Fear of War [Ammunition Dub]
16. Shebuzzz - Phobia [Didgibeat music]
17. 2R - Nibiru [Ammunition Dub]
18. Splav - Reflection In Sand [Unsigned Dub]
19. Shebuzzz - Marathon [Unsigned Dub]
20. Airwhale - Departure Lounge (don't miss your flight) [Unsigned Dub]

time: 62min
mp3: 256k
size: 113mb


Special thanks to record labels:

Golden Orb

Liquid Brilliants

Deep Instinct


Dark Asylum

Ammunition Recordings

Digibeat Music

Respect Records

Meatworks aka Invisible Landscape




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