Invaders Of Nine Releases ****

Nov 4, 2010
Hello DNB massive. Here is some info about me and links to my releases below. Hope your all well :)

Invaders Of nine are a North Wales based Drum & Bass / Dubstep act Danny Evo & Mark Sherwood . They teamed up to showcase their Drum & Bass sound with Dubstep influences.

With their combined experience in the music industry the music quality will be a very high standard and there will be a regular output of releases. In other genres these two artists have pushed themselves to the limit with massive support from BBC Radio 1 and many high profile DJs and intend to break through into the Drum & Bass scene with the same attitude of success.

Only 1 more week to go until the first few releases from Invaders Of Nine will be hitting
ITunes - HMV - Amazon - Beatport - Tesco and all other major stores.

Thanks for everyone's support so far!
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