Invaders Of Nine - Don't Go EP (remixes by Switch Fusion, Jay Robinson and more)

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    hey all... just a heads up on a new release by up & coming DnB guys, Invaders of Nine entitled "Don't Go" on Bass Rebels Recordings! The original is a straight up, no-nonsense dancefloor banger, and my (Switch Fusion) remix is a more minimal, specialist number.

    It's an exclusive on Beatport at the moment, having just been featured on the top 10 "must hear" DnB tracks of the week. Entered the DnB chart at number 50, and my remix at number 96! We'd appreciate all the support if you dig the tunes, let's try and get em higher! :)

    Here's the Beatport link:


    Don't Go (Switch Fusion Remix)

    Don't Go (Original)

    Thanks for the support man, hope you like the tracks!