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    I'd just like to get some perspectives on intros. How do you go about doing an intro? Do you have a specific formula that you go by? Do you try to keep in neutral so that it's easy to mix in?

    One thing I've noticed is that I tend to have chord changes and musical content in my intros, which makes it a little harder to mix in to other tracks sometimes. Is that a big no-no?

    Do you guys think it's neccesary to have the chunk of solid drums at the start for mixing purposes?

    Tell me all you know about intros.
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    Oct 20, 2009
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    I think the intro is the most fun part of the track..
    My workflow is .. i usually make it last... but i always go crazy with it.. brilliant place to test out new techniques.... and try something new or "out of the box"
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    i change the way i make my intros all the time. some of my tunes ill make a really musical piece for my intro using virtual instruments etc, other times i will just sample loads of shit and mash it up together to make a new piece of music.
    if its liquid id normally start a tune by making the intro, then i can use the elements from the intro to make a nice flowing drop. with jumpup ill normally make a b-line first and full drum track. and then i would make an intro that is the complete opposite ie something really nice and musically "pretty" that then drops into some filthy rotten b-line. depends how im feeling, how lazy im feeling and whether i have an idea for an intro all ready.
    one of my liquid tunes i came up with the whole idea on my daughters tiny plastic toy keyboard. i started playing a nice riff on it randomly and then decided it needed to be used so i ran to my pc and started sequencing from there. built the whole tune around that one piano riff. named it after my little girl aswell and it was signed 2 days later :D
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    It really depends on what kind of track I'm producing.
    Lately I'm using all kinds of movie score type of intros which sound like a real movie.
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    Normally i'd go for 32/64/128 beats intro so it's mixable with other tracks if you'd ever want to mix it.
    unless that when you expect the drop to come, you something extra even more climaxing.
    I always have that with the Polygon vip, i go like, YAY DROP! and then he goes winding it up and all!
    Sweet Sweet Polygon vip