Introduction from America :)


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Feb 24, 2012
Orange County, California
Hi, my name is Dennis. I also go by "D." S.K.R. is my DJ name and I've been in and out of the DnB game since around 1998.. I've since come back and am looking for a tight community to share my mixes with and hopefully try to get into the producing game as well. I hail from the other side of the atlantic trying to keep Drum and Bass alive in Los Angeles.

In my sig is an "on-the-fly" 2 deck mix I recently recorded as of Tuesday this week, with the newest tracks released as of 2-20. This is just a demo to see how these new toons jive together, hence why some volume levels and blends are slightly off in some places.

I hope you enjoy the mix and it's nice to meet all of you!



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Feb 24, 2012
Orange County, California
Here's the tracklist..

Tuned Transition - Hell Bent (Original Mix)
Premium, Decimal Bass - The Warriors (VIP Mix)
Levela - Beat Around the Bush (Shufunk Remix)
DC Breaks - Take That VIP - Original Mix
Kelle, Juha - Shake Your Hips Like Battleships (Original Mix)
DJ Dusty - Take Him (Original Mix)
Sigma - The Jungle (Sub Zero Remix)
Soundclash, Zero G - Sound Killa (Original Mix)
DJ Dusty, Mc Kerizma - Evacuate (Original Mix)
TC - Tap Ho - Original Mix
Aliman, Wizla - Dracula (Original Mix)
David Goliath - True Junglists (Original Mix)
Ed Solo, Deekline, Million Dan - Paella / Blaze It Up (Original Mix)
Urban Assault, Bangta Rights - Ghetto Blaster (Urban Assault Remix)
Gangsta Fun, Aliman - Bonsai - Original Mix
Optiv, BTK - Let It Hit 'Em (Original Mix)
Urban Assault - Wankstas - Original Mix
Aliman - Kill Him - Original Mix
Dope Ammo, Oldman - Dead Man (Original Mix)
Daddy Freddy, Rebel MC, Tenor Fly, Nanci Correia - Get Ready (Serum and Northern Lights Remix)
Delayed Reaction - World at War (Original Mix)
Urban Assault - EZ Run Tingz - Original Mix
Majistrate - Big Deal - Original Mix
Jayline - Sound Of The Bass (Original Mix)
Lyptikal - Show You (VIP Mix)
Nasty - Arabian Soldier (Original Mix)
Aliman - Age Of War (Original Mix)
Premium - Dead Man Shoes (Sedo Remix)
Zeds Dead - Undah Yuh Skirt Feat. Mavado (Original Mix)
Sparkzeeman - I'l Give U The Finger (Original Mix)
Messinian, Kurk Kokane - 3030 (Original Mix)
Koznik - The World Is Nothing (Original Mix)
DC Breaks - Horror (Original Mix)
Tuned Transition - Every Trick (Original Mix)
Urban Assault - The Storm (Original Mix)
Mob Tactics - Stick Up Kid (Prolix)
Supreme Being - Unison (Original Mix)
Sparkzeeman - Dont Fool With Drugs (Original Mix)
Jungle Jeff - Informa (Original Mix)
Dope Ammo, Oldman - Say What Ya Think (Original Mix)
Callide, Intraspekt - Path You Choose (Original Mix)
Aliman - Comix Evil - Original Mix
Run Tingz Cru, Blackout J.A. - Ganja Man Ting (Bong-Ra Remix)
Faction, Modified Motion - The Darkness (Original Mix)
Tantrum Desire - Uncontrolled (Original Mix)
Al Storm - Werewolf! (Intraspekt Remix)
Mind Vortex - Hotbox (Original Mix)
Aliman - Dead Hunters (Original Mix)
Nero (UK) - Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix)
John B, Shaz Sparks - Red Sky (Acoustic Intro Version)
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