Hi guys, I'm Huni.

I am one half of a brainchild project with a fellow creator and lifelong friend Chf and I wanted to firstly introduce ourselves,
as well as give you some background information and what you can expect from us in the future.

Been involved in music creation for 10 years, however music clicked 3 years ago.
20 Years experience with life.vst .
Focused mostly on Jump up.
Medically proven heartbeat of 174bpm.
No music theory education
(pronounced Hoon-E)​

Been involved in music for 9 years.
19 Years experience with life.vst .
Fucking boss grade 8 drummer.
Epically Bearded.
Loves his hip-hop.
Some music theory education.
Classically trained.
(pronounced Ch-Ff)​

Chf and Huni will be an amalgamation of experience and knowledge incorporating extensive drum proficiency and sub artistry.

I shall leave our latest composition here as an example of our work:

We're really looking to get into the Drum and Bass crowd and get involved with as many people as we can, so feel free to contact us regarding collabs,
sample sharing, general chat/pointers/tips/tricks/ideas and song reviews. More than happy to help fellow creators.

-Chf and Huni

Edit-Silly Soundcloud player not working. Link only. If anyone knows how to fix that'd be cool!

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