Feb 12, 2002
Ello. Just signed up for an account here and thought I'd intorduce myself. For those of you who dont know me from IRC or other discussion boards or whever, I'm walrus. My real name is Chris, and I'm from Exeter, Devon.
I'm into most types of D&B, but at the moment, I'm really getting into the oldskool hardcore/jungle revival stuff that Dylan, Loxy, Digital, Ink and all that crew are writing, and that's what I'm buying mostly. I'm also into breakbeat hardcore in a big way (which kind of explains my taste in current D&B :D).
I spin and produce, but not much of my stuff is online at the moment. Hopefully I'll get some more tracks and mixes and stuff online soon, but for now, here's one of my tunes you might want to check out: (hard, dark, techey drum n bass)

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