Website Introducing Uploadlab 2.0 (The best to share music/video/photo)

Today we are proud to present Uploadlab 2.0, a project that's been in the works for over 6 months, and it's finally here.

What is Uploadlab?

Uploadlab is a next generation file-sharing website which allows you to easily store your files in the cloud. Furthermore we've bundled all your favourite file-host features for free; no storage limits, maximum download speeds, galleries/playlists and much much more.

Features of Uploadlab:

Clean, modern and sleek interface
- The interface was designed from the ground up, starting with a PSD design and then converting it to HTML/CSS. We thought about every little detail to make sure you get what you deserve.

HTML/CSS3 ready
- The interface has been coded to take advantage of new browser technologies, such as CSS scaling and HTML5 video/audio that removes the need for flash and helps enhance your experience across multiple platforms including iOS.

- We provide native multitasking which enables background uploading whilst you are watching a video or listening to some music. You can also use the "uploader" to add new files at any time and they will be queued for upload.

- The site dynamiclly updates as you use it. For example as you are uploading multiple files it will add it to your gallery without having to do a page refresh or interrupt your uploads.

- rather than provide a "premium" package that could contain unwanted features we've introduced a brand new system called perks. For example, if you want to have unlimited downloads you just purchase the "unlimited downloads" perk using uPts - our currency.

There are many more things that we haven't added to this list so why not check the site and leave a comment as to whether you like it or not.

If you spot any errors please email them to