Introducing the Digital DNB Webring

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    The Digital DnB Webring was founded by Paul Barker alias Phono of Leet Recordings and Christian Hillemeyer alias Chris Impulse of As both are running digital Drum and Bass labels, they knew about the need to create a platform or webring where all relevant DnB MP3 labels are connected. This platform was finally established in form of the website is a webring of Drum and Bass Internet Labels. It is possible to be randomly directed to a member site, to search for specific keywords / artists, or to just list all member labels and browse through their label descriptions. The purpose of is to make it easier for users to find good DnB-Mp3 Shops and and to make the digital world move together a bit closer.

    We hope that this approach will be helpfull for both, music lovers and digital labels. does not focus on a special style of Drum and Bass, but believes in all music representing quality.

    Of course we are looking for more labels who want to take part as members. Please email for more information.