Introducing the Bee :)


Coming up
Feb 13, 2009
Nuremberg - Germany
G'Day, I am BeeOtch, living in Nuremberg, Germany, 18 years old, aspiring actor, filmmaker, DnB Producer and DJ ... meaning a lot to come... f***ing school is keeping me away from it all tho... sucks^^ ...

I got to Drum and Bass just a few months ago, but just can't get enough of it :) my first contact with Drum'n Bass was a friend playing me the influencial classic on Lifted Music Show 006 ( Ed Rush & Optical - Compound ---- wicked tune ). So since then never left the house without DnB in me ears, Spor, Teebee, Ewun and all the great producers made me think why shouldn't I try my luck with the DnB genre too so wth^^ lets go

I just started producing Drum'n Bass (Fruity Loops) and am also starting to DJ... but as i said ,just starting, so don't ask for any links to myspace or youtube just yet :)

enough talking lets get back to the Fruity Loops^^

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