Introducing Summon Dubs

Summon Dubs

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namaste to all Black Smoke Monster Here !
(kelly mckeon & andy williams)
we make dubstep in story based movement with big influinces from abc's lost show.
to grab a lisern to our music check out the link.
we also own a label to get out our music its called Summon Dubs .
with our 1st release coming in the next 8 weeks with distrubtion from tripple vision.
we have recently set up our Summon Dubs Forum as a good way to connect with those like our stuff and want a bit more than a usual forum as its not just music or lost its a linked forum .
check the link to check out the forum and register and start getting involved.!
there is lots to be posting about .....
anything Dubstep along the lines of releases/mixes/chat/info/feedback.
anything Lost along the lines of answers/ watch it / polls .
anything Producing along the lines of samples / software / hardware .
anything graphic design along the lines of posting up your work for feedback or talk about good images you have seen.
anything about other music along the lines of hiphop/ drum & bass/ techno/ house.
anything about random topics along the lines of chatbox/ movies/ games .

watch out for our 1st release with summon dubs this year big up & blessings !!!!