Introducing Randomer - Free Download & November Mix!


Randomer - Rough Sex

Randomer - November Mix

It’s getting to that time once again when everyone and their nan starts bandying about their ‘top tips’ for the coming year. We’ll no doubt be joining in the ‘fun’ so what better way to start than to introduce Randomer. At first glance the Hospital/Med School affiliation shouts Drum & Bass but his latest 12″ ‘Scapegoat’ suggests this 23 year-old producer is an altogether different prospect. Coupled with this impressive mix you’ll quickly realise that Randomer couldn’t be more on-point right now, seamlessly spanning genres and tempos both in this mix and his own productions whilst simultaneously managing to define his own sound. Artist to watch for 2010 anyone?

Randomer - November 2009 Mix:
Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance
Joe - Claptrap
Untold - Just For You (Roska Remix)
Randomer & Jonny5 - Too Many Times
Martyn - Mega Drive Generation
Untold - I Can’t Stop This Feeling (Pangaea Remix)
Untold - Palamino
Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Lil Silva Remix)
Lil Silva - Different
Randomer - Bleep Loop
NB Funky - Frequency
Randomer - Scapegoat
Toasty - Full Clip
Randomer - Soft Focus
Instra:mental - No Future
Randomer - Junk
Danny Breaks - Outro
Randomer - Easter Island
Enei - Z-Grab
Randomer - Down in the Woods
Randomer - Down to the Club
>>Randomer - Synth Geek
Randomer - Trogs
Randomer - Synth Geek
Dan Harbarnam - Zoom Back Camera
Danny Breaks - The Big Bossa
Commix, Nutone & Logistics - Soundbyte
Randomer - Puzzled
>>Hunchbak - Peace Wip
Randomer & REDS - Modem Jazz
Hunchbak - Peace Wip
Decimal - Circle Of Nine
Sabre - God Fearing
Randomer - Appetite
>>Martsman - Halow
Randomer - Rough Sex