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    I found this community a week ago and this is my first post in here. So hello to everyone! Im a finnish newcomer DJ. Been doing this for one year now and enjoying it hella lot. My type of dnb is pretty much liquid and hars neurofunk. Here is a mixtape i made for one DJ comp couple months ago. But blah, didnt win. Got beaten by mainstream dubstep. But anyways, here is a tracklist and the url for the mix.


    1. DLR, Octane - Weird Science (Original mix)
    2. Cern, DLR, Octane - Rawness feat. Cern (Original mix)
    3. DLR, Octane, MC Fokus - Stick & Move feat. MC Fokus
    4. Gusto, DLR, Octane - Gravity feat. Gusto
    5. Amoss - Real Talk
    6. Break, DLR, Octane - Murmur feat. Break
    7. June, Miller, Heavy1 - Judge
    8. DLR, Octane, Script - Set Up The Set feat. Script
    9. Maztek - Galactica
    10. Maztek, Grotesque - Straight to Bad
    11. Nymfo - Resolve (Klute VIP)
    12. Teddy Killerz - New Drums
    13. Break - Submerged (Teebee & Calyx Remix)
    14. Audio, Mindscape - Jarhead
    15. Bad Company, UK - Bullet Time (Spor remix)
    16. InsideInfo - Honey Bee (Audio remix)
    17. Optiv & BTK - Backlash
    18. Flame, Displaced Paranormal - Resistance
    19. Cursa - Connections (Edit Remix)
    20. Chromatic - Sticklebrick

    Hope you enjoy it and its nice to be part of the dnbforum now =)