Introducing my Compilation: Drum and Bass Auditorium

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    Hi everyone,

    i'm from austria / tyrol and 20 years old. Except from listen to dnb-music i am interested in designing my own artwork.
    I've just started listening to drum and bass about 6 months ago. And all i can say is, that i LOVE it :D - everything else is just music.

    So i desided to create my own DnB-Compilation called "DnB Auditorium", it is more like an Album and each CD got 80 tracks on it. Now i already finished my 6th compilation.

    Here you can see my 6 Album-covers:

    On Twitter i am always posting some Youtube-Videos of my favourite tracks and of course always the new realeases. Watch it, may you find some tracks you don't know yet.

    TwitterDrum and Bass Auditorium

    If you like to purchase one of your newest tracks not only on soundcloud or somewhere else, you can contact me and i'll post it on my acc. Yeah i know, there are'nt many people following me, but hey maybe some day people like what i'm doing :D.

    Everything else i can say, keep listen to the gratest music genre in the world.

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