Introducing L 33


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So, a while ago I was sent an album sampler from Eatbrain for the Karate LP…this was absolutely rinsed wherever I went and has been the cause of a trail of destruction across the UK road networks while I travel from place to place. I have never looked forward to a release as much as this; The Karate LP via the gargantuan Eatbrain is the work of the entity known as L 33.
This album is an arsenal of heavy weapons; every track carries a supernatural mass that inflicts it’s own gravitational pull! You are slowly gripped until you are ultimately consumed; what a way to meet your maker!

The LP release is full of loud and snarling aggression which is the signature of the Bulgarian bad man. I love the androidesque atmosphere of Disco Funk and the driving tech wet dream, Razor Blade.
The two stand out tracks for me however are Karate and Stand Down featuring MC Nuklear. The former shows a real mastery of arrangement allowing a bonding of sounds and rhythms to please the most demanding sonic pallette. The latter of the two is a proper up front battleship that guns it’s way through its enemies. MC Nuklear provides the fallout throughout! Love this MC! The breakdown is a molten core of mortal souls adding a superb contrast to the heavy beats! Class.

You can buy the album right here

L 33 is my producer of the moment; there isn’t a recent track I’m not in awe of. I got to speak with him recently about the album and his association with Eatbrain.

Check out the interview below!

Can you tell us about your artist name? What’s the origin of L 33?