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Sep 30, 2012
In-Reach Records is the newest branch to the In-Reach network and as far as we’re concerned it’s the most exciting too! We’d like to take this opportunity to explain all the hype and give you some insight into our history, our vision and the labels ethos. It’s something we’ve talked about for years and we really feel like it’s the right time to do this, let us tell you why…

Where it all began

For those who don’t already know In-Reach has been serving the scene for over 7 years. What started as a small blog soon grew into a respectable magazine which is now firmly backed by a small army of dedicated writers. The beauty of it is the content comes from real people who are quite simply passionate about what they’re writing about – although admittedly we are mostly drum and bass heads. Working with so many of the industries ‘big cats’ over the years has been an absolute pleasure but we also pride ourselves on pushing up and coming artists too, just check out our Soundcloud, or website interviews, there’s a lot of talent out there!

Today we’re involved in various radio stations, play gigs all over and even host our own events in London, the magazine is already something more and continues to expand. It’s safe to say our connections now reach far and wide and we feel the platform is solid enough to launch a label from, In-Reach Records here we come…

In-Reach Records – Ethos

We recognise drum and bass is one of the longest standing modern day genres with many faces! Our sincere plan is to help carry the sound we love forward for the indefinite future via In-Reach Records. We will strive to create a diverse hub of good music that has visual impact too. Our releasing schedule will be varied and artist focused. Although we would love to release everything on vinyl it’s not a realistic way to start so expect regular digital releases to begin with as we establish ourselves as a label. What we can say is each track will be reflective of our collective taste in 170 and it will be something we all believe in.
What this really comes down to is three lads born in the 80’s who all get along really well, are mad passionate about this scene and have a niche taste in drum and bass. We’re doing this because it’s what we love and although we never expected the hard work to pay off, it has so far and we are fully intent on continuing the march forwards.

There are releases confirmed already but you’re going to have to sit tight for more info as we get everything else in place. Fortunately we already understand the ins and outs of this landscape pretty well, so believe we’re hard at work behind the scenes making sure everything is just right.


In-Reach Records – Launch Party
Our parties at The Brewhouse last year were unforgettable and we had some amazing artists brought in for them but with this new label we wanted to find a new location. The Nest (a purpose built bunker with a serious sound system) thankfully found space for us in their busy schedule. It’s the perfect place to showcase you what our label is all about and we literally cannot wait – the clock is officially ticking down!
The full line-up features some of the artists who will be associated with In-Reach Records and headlines that have been major influences to all of us for years. Find the details on Facebook here.
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