Introducing Flight Recordings newest releases.

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    Flight Recordings Presents:

    Demonstration EP [FLTDIGEP003] feat. Morphesis


    a. Morphesis & Doc Sirius - Demonstration
    b. Morphesis - Scars Of War
    c. Morphesis - Neurotek Pleasures
    d. Morphesis - The Hustle VIP

    Audio Clip:
    FLTDIGEP003 Audio

    Duality EP [FLTDIGEP002] feat. Alcrani & Cubik


    a. Alcrani - Black Hole
    b. Cubik - Gift of Life
    c. Alcrani - WMD
    d. Cubik - Thelema VIP

    Flight Recordings Presents:

    Taste of Chaos EP [FLTDIGEPSMPL 001] feat. Chaotic Pulse


    a. Chaotic Pulse - The Unseen
    b. Chaotic Pulse - Ashes Of TIme
    c. Chaotic Pulse - Unknown Spaces
    d. Chaotic Pulse - Sparkle In The Dark

    ALSO: FLT001


    On behalf of Flight Recordings we hope you enjoy them.

    If intertested in anything contact us@

    send submission's for Flight digital to:
    aim: Silvermambo11
    and for vinyl submission's to:
    aim: Kamikazefrenchi