introducing Digital Ivy [dnb/dupstep/idm/triphop]


Digital Ivy started in 2005, playing and experimenting with trip hop and ambient sounds. In the early stages Digital Ivy was influenced by shoegaze/alt rock/trip hop from UK such as Lamb, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Slowdive,Massive Attack.etc. As the years pass by the genre was growing from IDM to Shoegaze, and lately 2009 with a mixture of drum and bass/dub. You can here the influence in the sound, usualy echoing reverb and somtimes melodic delay's , but sometimes the lines between genre's are blurred, but that is how Digital Ivy is.

enjoy :)

Here some free tracks :

Digital Ivy - If you say sega,1000 nintendos die

Digital Ivy - Dark Room

Digital Ivy - Clean up your head

Digital Ivy - Extended clean up (your head) part2

Digital Ivy - Death Star

for the restm,you can download the free songs from digital ivy's soundcloud

or listen at myspace:

previously Digital Ivy has released 2 albums:

Digital Ivy: Remixes
Digital Ivy: Between parallel universe [idm/downtempo/shoegaze]
Shoegazing (also known as shoegaze) is a subgenre of alternative rock that emerged from the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. It lasted until the mid 1990s with a critical zenith reached in 1990 and 1991. The British music press—particularly NME and Melody Maker—named this style shoegazing because the musicians in these bands stood relatively still during live performances,[1] in a detached, introspective, non-confrontational state, hence the idea that they were gazing at their shoes.

The shoegazing sound is typified by significant use of guitar effects, and indistinguishable vocal melodies that blended into the creative noise of the guitars.[1] A lump description given to shoegazing and other affiliated bands in London in the early 1990s was The Scene That Celebrates Itself. In the 1990s, shoegazing groups were pushed aside by the American grunge movement, forcing the relatively unknown bands to break up or reinvent their style altogether.[1] Recent times have seen a renewed interest in the genre among "nu-gaze" bands.