Introducing C.I.A Clothing

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    MANY of you will no doubt know all about C.I.A the record label. Having run for over a decade and proven itself as one of the most consistent brands in underground dance music, C.I.A has released music from some of the world’s most respected artists including DJ Marky, Calibre, Commix, Lenzman, S.P.Y, Alix Perez, MJ Cole and three-time world DMC champion, DJ Craze.

    2009 saw a new chapter in C.I.A’s life when long-term partners Paul Smith and Jason Greenhalgh – otherwise known as Total Science – took on Jeryl Wilton - co-owner of several other record labels and Infectious PR, a D&B and dubstep promotions company - as a third partner.

    Throughout the year their plans for how to truly expand C.I.A as a company began to grow to fruition and it’s with much pride that we can now announce the launch of C.I.A Clothing:

    “We wanted to create a clothing brand which brings together everything we do in terms of our music” explains Paul “We’ve made something which is relevant to the types of people who enjoy our records; artistic, creative people; people who appreciate good music, good design and quality workmanship. Our clothing isn’t designed to be throwaway.”

    “C.I.A Clothing will only be available online from our own store and each design is currently limited to runs of less than 50 t-shirts. We want everyone who wears one to feel like they have something exclusive that everyone else won’t be wearing when you walk into a club.”

    “We tailored everything to our specifications, we attended the printing sessions, we folded the clothes ourselves and put them in the bags. This has been a labour of love for all three of us this year and we’re sure that our attention to detail will shine through when you wear one of our t shirts.”

    The attention to detail certainly does shine through. The fabric weight is just right, the bespoke cuts and sizes are perfect, the details simply ooze quality; a fact that’s born true by the choice of designer.

    Mr Penfold is a Cambridge based artist who makes paintings, installations, prints and drawings for his own design and clothing company, PenetPaper. His reputation for freelance art and design projects has stretched far and wide and his work has been featured in countless magazines.

    Coming in eight different varieties, each with their own distinct personality, there’s something for everyone.

    Click here for the C.I.A Clothing shop