Intro to a new DnB convert

A new comer to DnB just randomly asked me to give some insight on where to go for some greatness as they were new. This was very, very flattering. Attached is my reponse, I hope it was good enougth. Should I add more?


Wow thanks for asking, it’s quite a complement. I'll do what I can to answer because these things can be very subjective - Especially because although at first glance it might not seem but DnB contains a many facets and diversifications.

Start by looking for artists mixes. You can find these with ease at, or on forums such as and On Soundcloud the way to go about this is to search by Record Label. The labels will often put up promos and mixes on SC. Now all you have to know are some of the major labels. Here are some but there are loads of labels and I've just pushed a few of my favourites....(I've put in there MySpace)

Hospitality - Liquid/Jungle Melodic DnB (

Ram Records - This label is Legendry and specialises in the best Jump up and club rocking style Drum and Bass (

Download this... - You'll see loads more labels on the track listing for this mix

Technique - covers all types of DnB (I like these) - ('Are you ready' is a stormer!)

Exit Records - Very deep dark and Scientific - DBridge is big in this label

Heres more - Viper (Dark and cold), Moving Shadow (Dark but funky also - al rounder not sure if they are still going), Creative Source (Scientific and Soul), Virus (Dark and Cold - Jumpup), True Playaz (Dance floor greatness), Liquid V (Fucky, Liquid dance floor type stuff), Defuncked (Funky, soul)- I've missed some I know but I could go on.

Use this as a starting point to a journey and who knows where you'll end up.

I should plug my own site aswell Where I'm backing new DnB artists.