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    Hi there all you DnB Forum peeps, just introducing myself and also blatantly plugging our first release! Sorry, I know it's pretty rude to just turn up and start advertising stuff but I hope you guys appreciate the music anyway :)

    A little about Intrinsic Recordings:

    Intrinsic Recordings is co-owned by Jeryl & Danny Intrikut. The label's ethos is to release quality, musical Drum & Bass from up & coming or underappreciated artists. So far we have tunes from Davide Carbone & Kubiks, B Cee & Lomax and Mutt signed up.


    Davide Carbone & Kubiks

    A: Six Hills
    AA: Ready With This

    Buy it now from:

    DOA Store


    Six Hills: An uplifting A side which infuses lush, harmonic soundscapes with sweeping panpipe synths and rolling beats breaking down into a heavy LFO bassline that lends it an essential dance floor quality.

    Ready With This: A truly hypnotising track that has a captivating rhythm which instantly mesmerises you; emotional, yet catchy vocal hooks are complimented by ambient atmospherics and a rolling bass line. Get ready for this!

    For more information or to interview any Intrinsic artists please contact Jeryl:

    AIM: jerylwilton

    Look out for:

    Intrinsic 002 – B Cee & Lomax ‘Unbreakable’ / ‘Regulate’

    A: Unbreakable
    AA: Regulate

    Intrinsic 003 - Mutt 'Credence' / 'Sharon's Song'

    Expect audio clips soon ;]

    Intrinsic Recordings is distributed by: Nu Urban Music

    Artwork courtesy of: Trickartt

    Intrinsic Recordings is still looking for demos from anyone making musical, liquid style tunes, to submit your demos please send a CDR to:

    Intrinsic Demos
    37 Union St
    Old Town
    SN1 3LD

    Or AIM Screename 'IntrinsicDemos'