INTRABEATZ :: Pendulum, Friction and MC SP – Melbourne Hi Fi Bar, 11.09.04

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    INTRABEATZ :: Pendulum, Friction and MC SP – Melbourne Hi Fi Bar, 11.09.04

    What a treat of a line up for Melbourne drum'n'bass heads this wintry Saturday night; Pendulum bad boy made-good elHornet, and the most exciting DJ to hit the scene in years Friction, headlining a party that also promised some proper lyrical content from MC SP. Combine this with local heavyweights Motive, JPS and Fletch and we are talking about the highest quality DJs seen at a Melbourne party all year.

    The Hi-Fi Bar is a much used and loved venue for dNb, and it's months since Goldie crushed brains at the last party here. So by midnight there was a steady stream of people flowing into the bar and down to the dancefloor. It does seem like some of the younger crew at these international gigs think it's quite cool to sit around the edge of the dancefloor until the headliner appears, but tonight people trying this trick quickly had their view obscured by moving bodies as Motive and JPS moved through some deep, dubby and severely funked plates, including Motive's jumpy DSCI4 hit RocRaider, and his new business Drop and Fadeaway Dub. Dirty stuff.

    Respect to Elementz promotion crew for kicking off at 1am with elHornet, rather than dragging the appearance of the headliners out until 2am. Two words: Bacteria remix. Whumph! What a monster of a tune, and setting the tone for the rest of his two hour long set which ripped through instant classics like No One Knows, Submarines remix and Masokist, with teases of BC’s Planet Dust sending the stomping crowd bananas. The highlight for me was the Pack of Wolves remix, with its rude hip-hop intro.

    The energy levels in elHornet's sets are constantly peaking; he plays a tech-driven sound that is fun, bouncy and maddeningly catchy. Two rewinds in the whole set, he must have been itching to treat us to as many plates as possible. What stands out about Pendulum's sound is the intricacy of the drums, the sheer phatness of production and the uplifting melodies they drive through their riffs. elHornet was always on top of the game but with a selection like this, plus skills honed even finer on the UK's club scene he is a force of the future.

    One more note on elHornet's effort, I'd wager he enjoyed playing without an MC again, a luxury rarely afforded in the UK. MC SP was saving himself for Friction, who snuck up behind the decks round 3am and scared the shit out of anyone not paying attention with his first drop. People were looking around like 'what the fuck?', grimacing, it was like the roof had just fallen in. Mental; I really wish I knew what tune it was but I was picking myself up off the floor. And that’s how it stayed for the next two hours, as the Brighton boy stepped up the already frantic pace and led the dancefloor on a merry chase through non-stop bassline mixing, doubledrops and teases. Even the over-played Squash by Total Science gets a new lease of life when it’s used so well in the mix by Friction, but the call to arms of tunes like Let Loose by Militia was better. The high-point was a new Jonny L tune, the ruff vocal running "Back to the old school, back to ya roots" and getting everyone well excited. (Stay tuned to the Tune ID page for any news on that one, I'm sure people know what it is.) Plus an assortment of craziness people will be chasing for months.

    What an MC as well; this was Mister SP's first visit to Australia and he works fine with Friction, exhorting the crowd to 'get loose', the microphone levels were nice and he looked to enjoy himself. I really appreciate this type of MCing, not overbearing or arrogant, riding the wave with everyone else, and keeping people focused. Good flows too.

    Fletch is one of the few DJs in this town capable of matching Friction's pace, and at 5am he stepped up to do this in style. The dancefloor thinned out a bit as people took stock of how sore their feet were, and realised it was time to smoke a fat one. Big up the Elementz crew for installing the choice Funktion One sound system and a solid vibe on the night, looking forward to more parties as we head into Spring.

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