DnB Intervore Ft. Freestylers - Painkiller


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Jan 31, 2016
nice deep roller. love the sub and how some of the effects fly in, very cool :D
not a massive fan of 303 and some of the synths, but that is personal taste.
i like you try to create your own vibe/atmo .. cool track!


Aug 9, 2016
Not really my thing...but i like the rhythm and I like the section from 1.30 where stuff drops out and it goes a bit more minimal, some of the sound design in there is pretty cool.

Only other thing is the arrangement, doesn't seem to have a sort of organised structure, it just moves from part to part. like the 2.12 section, that's actually quite a cool sound bass part, but comes out of nowhere, maybe you could have that has your main 'drop' part.
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