Interviews: Serum

11. What are your Drum & Bass influences?
I love the old tunes from about 92-97. There was a certain sound that you needed to have and I really liked that because it seems so simple but took ages to perfect, and only those with the right ear could make a good addition to it, it was like a wierd form of craftsmanship. There was a lot of attention to detail in picking sounds that fitted nicely which I think is missing now, some people seem to be happy using any old noise


I could not have put that better myself, its exactly the way i feel about the way the music is produced nowadays i just wish there were more producers around
that thought like yourself, I think the main reason is that
alot of the kids producing now are influenced from the later era's of DnB i.e..98 onwards (not that thats a bad thing !!)

Respect mate
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New jungle all the way!!

Big ups every time- chiz for the tunes mate, and all the samples... you've spread the production bug pretty bad mmmmmmk :mkay:

Forgot to mention your monthly residency in Brum - Pressure Drop 2005 :gun: