Interview with Pyro aka Troels Knudsen

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    Most of you will know Troels under his alias Pyro as he is one of the most successful Drum and Bass artists to emerge out of Scandinavia. He was co-founder and label manager of Nerve Recordings, played countless gigs from small clubs to the Roskilde festival, and released numerous tunes on different labels. Also, he is one of the pioneers of so called Techno-Drum and Bass, pushing stylistic boundaries with his very unique style. Without a doubt Troels' "new" musical career under his real name Troels Knudsen will soon get some spotlight, too, as he got busy with producing flawless Techhouse. He has been with shadybrain since the establishment of the label in 2004 and now returns with his 4/4 debut, the "7down EP". Time for us to sit down with him to talk about Drum and Bass, Techno, and his future plans.

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