Interview with Dubshun from Mask Music

Mar 18, 2019
Hello all. I hope I've identified the correct place for this, my first proper post on dnbforum. I've recently interviewed Mask Music head honcho Dubshun for my blog, Sonic Nutrition. The post is here; where you'll find details of upcoming Mask music releases, a Liverpool gig and more.
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Dec 19, 2008
I'm interested in your user name. Please tell me more?
Did you first say it after having a have a nice day out somewhere?

Mar 18, 2019
Thanks, the answer is sort of.

About a decade ago, I needed a DJ handle to go on a flyer being produced the next day. A friend of mine and I went on a pub crawl through East London, trying, and miserably failing, to brainstorm one.

We then returned to his flat for a nightcap, only to encounter his housemate who was learning Mandarin. The housemate's daily exercise was to write a Chinese letter on a small blackboard along with the literal English translation beneath it.

The pair of us arrived into the kitchen and read what was written on the blackboard. We took one look at each other, poured a stiff Scotch and toasted the success of both DJ lovelyzoo and the housemate's continued efforts with Mandarin.
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