Interview with Black Sun Empire (In-Reach Mag)


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There are two things in life that are absolute certainties and one of those is change. Whilst looking back at the last ten years in the drum and bass scene alone it’s staggering to think how many great artists and labels have been and gone, but what’s even more staggering is to acknowledge how many have stayed.
In an age where the average career within drum and bass lasts no more than a matter of years it seems only right to celebrate and pay homage to those that have made us lose our minds in the dance for over a decade and there are none more deserving than the mighty Black Sun Empire.

Hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands, Black Sun Empire rapidly built a name for themselves after exploding onto the scene with their debut single Voltage/Skin Deep on Dutch label Piruh in 2000. Gaining recognition for their hard, instantly recognisable interpretation of the early tech step sound Black Sun Empire quickly went on to form a sub genre of their own by fusing their relentless, pummelling drums with an almost euphoric use of atmospherics.

Over ten years on and Black Sun Empire have achieved some absolutely unbelievable feats such as setting up three record labels, a world wide event, a string of successful albums and EPs on some of the scene’s most well respected labels, not to mention playing DJ sets at some of the most prestigious dance music festivals across the globe such as Sun and Bass, Let it Roll, Outlook Festival and even the mighty Glastonbury festival.

Ahead of their upcoming sets at Fabric Nightclub, London on Friday 4th July and Boomtown Festival this August we caught up with Milan, Micha and Rene AKA Black Sun Empire to discuss tech step, Accordions and tinlickers!