Interview & guest mix for FatKidOnFire...

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    "This feature is the next in the run of makeitgood x FatKidOnFire interviews and is with none other than Romford’s finest purveyors of all things dutty dubsteps - Fused Forces. Trust us when we say we are STOKED on this. Peep the feature and an exclusive 30 minute mix from the boys (Adsassin and Moriatti) below…"

    Full interview HERE...


    Fused Forces & Dj Cable - Yoshimitsu
    Shreddexx - Hardest Last Bounce
    Catacombs - Darkness
    D-Cult - Visions
    Slaughter Mob - Main Frame Glitch
    Mensah - Stapleton road VIP
    Kromestar - Demon Rockers
    Fused Forces - Who U Dealing With
    Fused Forces feat Blacks - Just Do You
    Flecta - The Visitors
    Matt Green - Untitled
    Demon - The Plan
    Goli & Ashburner - The Beasts
    Dj Snipaz - Mechano Riddim
    Von Boyage - Drink Up