Label Intersolar - Behind the Masks / Dunes [AMBRA004]


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Intersolar - Behind the Masks / Dunes [AMBRA004]

Straight outta Nuremberg, the newest member of the worldwide Ambra family is Intersolar. With a rich and varied portfolio of styles dating back to 1995, Intersolar's influences come together to make satisfyingly mature drum'n'bass, for those who like a bit of high class atmosphere with their high energy rhythms. Keep the floor moving and the endorphins flowing around your brain, while Intersolar takes you on a trip from our Sun to the next.

Intersolar - Behind the Masks
Pianos sweeping in from another dimension mark the start of this warm and subby roller, with acoustic drumfunk patterns holding the energy high while gentle female vocal stabs and synths wash over your soul. Nodding in the direction of Moving Shadow and Good Looking, this is a soothing tune for the original raver.

Intersolar - Dunes
Swelling out of the silence like a sandstorm, this oldskool-flavoured amen track gives respect to the roots of drum and bass, with memories of summer evenings in London floating around a hectic rhythm. A deep, warm bass drop guarantees dancefloor satisfaction for those that know where drumnbass culture truly comes from.

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