Released Today – INTDNB002
INT002A Morebeat - Easy Rider
INT002B Techleash - Breathing in Space
Press Release

Intersection Records is proud to present its second digital release.

When the lead track “Easy Rider” by newcomers Morebeat first arrived at the office, we were simply blown away. Words cannot do it justice. A massive techy roller with great atmosphere and “talking” basslines, it’s a strong track that gets the floor moving every time. We feel this two man production outfit from the Czech Republic have a bright future ahead of them. Definitely among the ones to watch!

The supporting track on this release is “Breathing in Space” by Icelandic artist Techleash. Another newcomer we feel has a lot of potential. Breathing in Space combines tech elements with punchy hiphop beats and dubby overtones. A great tune that doesn’t disappoint. It compliments the lead track perfectly and cements this release into a solid slice of funk.

Artist Bios


Morebeat is a two man project (Ibogain & Lamat) from Jablunkov in the Czech republic. Petr Luka(Ibogain) was born in 1980. From his early childhood he was very interested in music. He was dancing pogo at HC clubs and he played drums in a band. He bought his first dnb vinyls in 1998 some of which he still plays today. He also started to organise parties around that time. His producing career started in 2000.

Jan Cichy (Lamat) was born in 1983. He played the piano for six years and was also singing in a punk band, which never had a single concert. Lamat started to be interested in dnb after listening to “Inside The Machine” by Bad Company. His production career started in 2000. He also organises parties.

Ibogain and Lamat met sometime in 2000 and they soon realised they had very similar tastes in dnb and began their co-operation. In 2002 they started their common project - Morebeat. They’re both members of the DvoikaTroika crew, which is a collective that had been founded by associating DJs, producers and graphic artists from Ostrava. This crew has had a strong influence on the whole underground dance music scene in Czech Republic.


Bjorgvin Jonsson, aka techleash has been producing on and off since the day he got Fast Tracker II back in '96. He spent days without sleeping doing nothing but making tunes with the steadfast goal of getting a release out someday. He managed to get a little known in the tracker scene and got releases out on the elusive Tokyo Dawn Records and Mo'Playaz, which have also featured artists such as Mayhem, Psidream and Resound.

During the years 2000-2003 he took a small break from music and pursued his studies in arts and multimedia. Early 2004, after a visit from Pyro his interest in music was re-ignited and he started from scratch. After two years of hard work you're about to hear what it sounds like when you breathe in space.

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