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    Hi, I am 15 and have been producing just over a year now.
    I have watched many tutorials, asked many people, but nobody can give me a good explanation of how to make drums, and other things intense. :confused:
    This is probably the closest I have got. I have taken some of the reverb off the drums, and turned the bass down a tad (was distorting). I have fiddled with the compression but that does not seem to make it any heavier.
    Help please.
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    I'd say take the reverb off the drums completely, they sound really echoey. I like them, but not that much echo.

    This is actually really cool once it drops! All I can say is EQ and compress the drums better to help them push through the mix.......apart from that, this tune has enough intensity to roll through in my opinion.

    Edit: You said your 15 but on your profile it says your 18? Age quickly huh? lol ;)