Intense Radio - weekly shows/slots available, all genres

Slots are available on Intense Radio! Any genre goes & a variety of times & days are available. If you think you've got what it takes to play your own (preferably weekly) 1 or 2 hour show, be it due to popular demand, for promo purposes or just to show off to your mates, drop a line to Shuffle ( and Deficit ( with a demo or link to a demo and we'll see what we can do.

You need a PC (not mac) with a good internet connection to broadcast live from your home / studio. Alternatively, speak to Shuffle about using the Intense rig at the Intense Records store in Chelmsford ;)

AutomAte, the weekly dnb/dubstep/breaks show is increasingly popular but can always use support. The show aims to showcase both up & coming and established dnb, dubstep and breakbeat dj's. Past guests have included Triple Sickz, MistaNoize, Katanga, Displaced, Esion, Bigga & Drum Monkeys.

Guest slots are available on the AutomAte show. Any dnb, dubstep & breaks dj's who fancy a slot on the show, contact Deficit at Again, friends of friends welcome, just sort us a demo mix, and you can broadcast from home if you have an internet PC, or send us a pre-recorded mix/show ;)

Your Time, the weekly dubstep show hosted by Mind, continues to go from strength to strength. Tune in Thursdays 8-10pm for a wide range of dubstep, from LFO tearout to schmooooth jazziness even your dad would like, and guest mixes from some of the biggest names in the scene.

To tune in, hit

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