DnB Intense Drum and Bass Mix Series (Dj Wise1)

DJ wise1

Oct 29, 2011
Intense Drum and Bass Mix Series by Dj Wise1 offers you a mixture of Liquid, Dark/Neurofunk, Jungle, Drumstep, Jump-up, Tech all in 1 Place! I will be Uploading New Mixes every 2 - 4 weeks, showcasing the best drum and bass has to offer!

Here is My latest 'Intense Drum & Bass Mix':


My youtube Channel is:


Dont Forget, Subscribe to me On Youtube to Keep Up to Date With The Latest Mixes!!!
If Requested i can put audio up for download at 320kbps.
Who uploads a mix to YouTube? Better luck having a download link of some kind, and why u would make a new mix and put Mr. Happy in it is just asking for people to not listen.

Dont like it dont listen to it!!! Just cos your not happy.... Find someone else to hate on lol, i dont understand why you people waste your time posting negative comments on things

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No offense but you've got some whack ass tune transitions going where the songs really just do not match at all, also lay off the crossfader i was cringing when Mr happy kept getting cut off every second and a half.
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