intellignent / ambient d/b

Hey, thought i would say YO to you all - i started buying vinyl and playing out when i was at college and for 10 years bought nothing but Good Looking, PFM, J Laze, Moving Shadow, that kinda stuff im 36 now and never stopped listening to these tunes they still sound brilliant and the breaks, production quality and structure are in my opinion yet to be beaten.. although the new "liquid" stuff they play on bassdrive is awesome too, bpm faster then the ol' GLR stuff too which now makes the older tunes sound slow!

anyway im in essex, if anyones up for a mix in the future i need to get all my vinyl from my mate i left them all with him 15 years ago !

interesting that it was a british thing back in the day and now its being made worldwide - the russian stuff is really good

also are there any venues in london or surrounding that play ambient / intelligent (hate calling it that) i went to fabric d/b nite a few months back and it was really amazing :)

laters ;)

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I like the term intelligent dnb... People used to raise their hands and do inverted commas when they said it too me I found it funny.

Welcome though I like this stuff although "intelligent" has been replaced by minimal IMO