Integer 'Ventilation EP' (GOD020) OUT NOW

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    Word up peeps!

    Just letting y'all know that the latest Golden Orb Records release is now available for purchase on beatport

    'Integer - Ventilation EP (GOD020)'


    Australia's 'Integer' releases his second EP on 'Golden Orb Records', showcasing what this producer does best; a deep, reverb laden, hybridisation of dub, downtempo and atmospheric drum & bass!

    This EP demonstrates the versatile, yet fluid nature of this producers approach to fusing acoustic recordings with a plethora of electronic music styles, and moulding the results into a free-flowing progression that still affords a unifying, signature sound across the whole EP

    GOD020 - Integer 'Ventilation EP'

    1. Ventilation
    2. Gurgle dub
    3. Knife & Spoon dub
    4. South & West
    5. Ventilation (operon remix)

    Feel free to stream the EP from the Golden Orb soundcloud page...

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    Cheers for letting me bend all y'all's ears ;)