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May 27, 2009
Hello fellow members!

I, as quite self explanatory, am a new member and I have been producing all kinds of genre's for the past 2 years. Within these 2 years I haven't had much time to explore "Propellerhead" Reason. This is mainly because of my study but I also give my friends a higher priority than Reason. Also I have had a long break from Reason and it was only until recently that I wanted to start making some serious drum and bass tune - dark drum and bass tracks in that case.To be honest, I feel most attracted to drum and bass.
(I only use Reason to create tracks, I do not have any hardware or whatsoever. Nor do I have FruityLoops or any other music producing related software, Reason is the ONLY program I use WITHOUT hardware).

The basses I used for the last 2 years where sampled only, NOT self made basses. But instead I used to cut certain sounds( which indicates basses mostly) from a drum and bass track and I deformed the sound in such a way it would fit in my own tune.

Now however, I work in a different way; I produce basses in my own tracks entirely myself. I find it to have more moral but also I am free to manipulate my bass in any way. It's much more efficient than editing a sound which I've cut.

I came here for advice on how to sound my drum and bass more professional, etc.
And of course I will offer my assistance to any one who is in need of it.

I look forward to a great time here! Thanks for reading!

Insurgent. (INS)

(Here is my latest dnb tune, its not finished yet, it's nothing but a concept; a idea how i'd like things, the vocal is also not definitive... share you thoughts!

some personal info:

Name: Dylan
Location: Netherlands
Age: 18
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