instra:mental/d.bridge - true love

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    Nov 4, 2012
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    hey guys, im not sure why ive started looking for this song after all this time but its been racking my brain all night. 2008/2009 skream started getting well into his autonomic stuff and played alot of d bridge and instra:mental stuff on his stella sessions. i remember one of these shows he did a ten minute showcase of some dnb and one track, which I remember he mixed out a new Rufige Kru bit, was incredible and i remember him saying it was either by d bridge or instramental or both (i remember searching one of their names straight after hearing it and then hearing aload of there stuff which got me into them, thats how i remember it was them) and i remember him saying it was unreleased. it really wasnt very dnb like at all even for autonmic shit, and had a vocal of some female/male soul singer with the vocals "could this beee the love,,, truuuuue loveeee indeeeed" and alot of "ooooh yeahhhhs". i know this description aint great but you would remember it if you heard it. ive looked through the whole d bridge/ instramental catalogues and cant find it anywhere but even some audio in a mix would be great cos ive lost the stella session :(
    cheers for any help