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    Inside 10 - Blocks "Tangier" / "Hollow" (Baby don't go)


    With the dawn of a new decade this release provides the follow up to
    last years debut on Horizons Music, Heartshaped/All In Good Time. A
    solo effort from one half of the Blocks and Escher collaboration,
    these tracks usher us a glimpse at the sound that will form a slew of
    singles in 2010 on some of the scenes most forward thinking labels
    including Horizons Music and Shy FX's Digital Soundboy amongst others.

    Tangier - Opening with strings that evoke memories of 'that' Blue Note
    era of Jungle Drum and Bass, this track fuses lush eastern undertones
    with the smokey muted trumpets of Jazz's finest. These familiar tones
    dissolve to present a dubby half tempo groove built on sub bass hits,
    growling mids and warm reese. A long awaited track championed by the
    likes of Marcus Intalex and BBC 1xtras Ras Kwame.

    Hollow- A more stripped back and melancholic essence sits at the
    centre of this track. Spacious strings and electronic hits envelop a
    switching work out of drums and classic breaks before the minimal but
    hypnotic bass draws everything together. Finding a place in the record
    bags of artists such as Spectrasoul, Alix Perez and Sabre -The lone
    vocal before the drop echoes this pieces forlorn sentiment.... "Baby,
    dont go"..............

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    download Available from Beatport:

    Inside 11- June Miller - "Nine" / "Drowning man"


    Impressive neo-D'N'B and dubstep styles from Anglo/Dutch duo June Miller. 'Nine' is only their second vinyl
    release proper, which is surprising when you encounter the highly polished sheen of their productions.
    'Nine' sounds like some hyper-efficient cyber-stepper that's just been released from deep freeze
    and sent to command the dancefloor with precise instructions from the Autonomic crew.
    'Drowning Man' experiments with the 140bpm dubstep tempo, achieving the buffed sound of Kryptic Minds
    or Breakage but with their own ice-cold melodic signature

    vinyl at all good stores

    download Available from Horizons store:

    Saburuko - Latency (insight remix) [Insidedigital004]


    Available from Beatport:

    Inside 12 - Sinistarr - "Super drums" / "Triple beam"


    Forthcoming April