Drum & Bass 'Insession' with Australia's live drum and bass masters

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Sydney's live bass monsters, Kobra Kai will decimate ears and disarm dance floors with their brand new album, ‘Insession’ and backing national tour.

Brace yourselves for disgusting basslines, hypnotic vocals and killer rhymes; ‘Insession’ is heavier, deeper, more melodic, and more diverse than anything Kobra Kai has ever released before. STREAM IT NOW on BUY IT STRAIGHT AWAY.

Watch the Film Clip from first single, 'Firestorm'

Kobra Kai's songwriting and musicality have evidently matured. They have managed to explore melodic and harmonic structures in a genre mostly dominated by timbre and rhythm. Their instrumentation has broadened from live drums and synth to a myriad of organic keys, organs, horns, and guitars. The album fuses drum and bass, hip hop, dubstep, and reggae into a unique sound that can only be described, as 'Kobra Kai'. The band completed the entire process of writing, arranging, recording, and mixing between their rehearsal space and individual studios.

Watch Kobra Kai live as they explode 'Insession' onto Sydney fans; May 31st at Manning Bar, with The Upbeats and K+Lab Live.

See when they're playing at a venue near you here.
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