Inoxio - Pine Dell and others


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Jun 7, 2010
I'm Inoxio, a new DnB producer and like everyone, I have my own style and like to experiment when producing my tracks. I listed a few that are recent. Let me know what you think!

Inoxio - Atropa
Inoxio - Pine Dell
Inoxio - Ioxn

First track: the structure of the track and the sounds definitely have potential but the drums are much too quiet. That main paddy sound drowns everything else out, and you're lacking any real bass.

Pine Dell: Nice intro, drum levels are much better, other sounds could be louder too. Great vibes, but where's the bass? Without a weighty bassline it never sounds like it drops.

Track three: Intro pads are far too quiet again in relation to drums. No bass again.

Overall I'm liking your dark and brooding sounds, sounds very dsytopian!! Make sure you use a decent pair of headphones or speakers, I think that may be why your mixes are falling short at the moment. And add a healthy portion of bass to each track!
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