Innovation @ SE1


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Anyone else go to this?

The sound system in the main room in places sounded absoultly shite! anyone else agree? i went to the same event last year and it sounded the same! not sure if its just the set up they have got there or what!

On a lighter note, andy c smashsed it as always! hazard shabba and eksman blew the place up and the ragga twins came stormin on to smash up the place before i left! also shyfx played some dubstep which eks, evil and skibba were spittin ova! was maddness!

all in all was a wikid nite, jst shame about the sound in places :hagglers:
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Yep room 2 sounded wicked with Nine bar sound system, Room 1 was good at the front but the speakers in there need replacing badly they sounded absolute shit.. Good night all in all.


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all about the esscence of chi room that night. d-bridge, subterra, commix, fabio all smashed it. sound system was kicking as well. modi played a bad jungle set. to many fools in main room. got better as the piss heads went home from 2am onwards. sound was shit from halway back. ninebar system from next door was so crisp was coming into the main room which didn't help. all in all a banging night though!!


Yeah spent most the night in the jungle room,propa friendly vibe n wikid tunes - saw devious,kenny ken,phantasy,spice,shockin,dett,moose.....highlight was droppin the original grimey with shockin on the mic!
That essence of chi room was sick too!just playin dirty high speed rollers on wikid sound system.
Wernt feelin main room as much mainly due to the really wern't movin that much n didnt have the dirty skank out vibe u usually get in the main room
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Wicked night. Room one or whatever with Andy C in, the sound was alright. Not good at the back though, they had two pseakers that were slightly out I swear!
Second room & the essence of chi room were sickkkkk!
The other one in the middle of the main room & second room was good as well.
Friction smashed it, so did D-Bridge. Heavvvyyyyyy night I tell ya & no aggy cunts. Nice vibe, felt a bit like I was back in Lloret..... Gagging to go back to In the Sun already, can't wait for the Dam! Wooooo :)