Drum & Bass innerSoul Promo Mix for LDNB.com

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    "An interview & mix I did for the boys @ LDNB.com, to celebrate the InnerSoul project. Tracks from Smote, Chris Inperspective and Calibre, amongst others"



    Gerwin and Nuage - Back In The Moments
    Dramatic and DbAudio - Let me Begin
    Chris Su - Promises
    Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - Badness
    Dom & Roland - Coast 2 Coast
    Soulculture - No Heed Dem
    Nitri & Sound Tactix - Different Places (L-Side remix)
    Nymfo & State of Mind - Roxy
    Smote & SoundNBeats - A World Full Of Lies
    Falble & Malfield - Soulution
    Chris Inperspective - Biffy's Not Here
    Velocity - Scream To The Dark
    Calibre - Drowning In You
    Eveson - A Blue Moon
    Mr Joseph - What A Lovely Time It Was
    Calibre - Don't Want Your Love
    Marcus Intalex - Virgo
    Pulsar - Chances VIP
    Against and Scott Allen - Waiting For
    Velocity and Key MC - Ladder
    Random Movment and Ben Soundscape - Many Things
    Dramatic & DbAudio - Please Me
    Furney - Cali Cali
    Rene LaVice - Maintain
    Original Sin - Kiss

    Full Download Here: