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    I host a show once a month on called Inner Depths.

    The show spans a lot of genres, but I always throw in at least 30-45 mins of dnb. I love the deeper side of electronic music and fell in love with the Autonomic sound. My next show is on tomorrow night at 8PM-10PM and I finish on the following.

    16.Objekt-Ganzfield {Leisure System}
    17.Sam KDC- Symbol #8.1
    18.Indigo- Symbol #7.1
    19.ASC- Symbol #2.1
    20. Heart Drive - Automated Love {Pleasure District}
    21.Mark System- Soundman {Exit Records}
    22.ASC & Synth Sense - Glimpse {Veil/Unveil}
    23.Consequence feat dBridge -Life is timing {Exit Records}
    24.Consequence- Ressed {Etched}

    I am new to all of this and would love a few new listeners. Also feedback on my show is welcome.