INMD003 - Hobzee & Zyon Base / Peyo & SKS (January 2009)


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Jan 30, 2008
INMD003 - Hobzee & Zyon Base / Peyo & SKS

2008 was a very prolific year for Influenza Media. The label's genesis brought a plethora of digital releases by the likes of Doppler, Peyo, Essence, Innocent Sound, Vendubz, Morphesis and Rollz. As the year came to a close, Influenza took their tunes to the pressing plant, producing two excellent releases for all vinyl DJs to play their hearts out to.

The new year is upon us, and what a better way to start off right than with Influenza's third vinyl release. INMD003 features two outstanding tracks by the returning Peyo; as well as Hobzee, Zyon Base and SKS.


Clips :

A / Hobzee & Zyon Base - Sad Song

B / Peyo & SKS - Without U


Sad Song:

Sad Songs for the beginning of 2009? Doesn't sound too appealing to me. But Hobzee and Zyon Base's masterful production take the vibe in a totally different direction. Mellow pianos, horns and techy samples compliment the somber vocal and groovin' bassline. Excellent first release for 2009!

"Sad Song is a beatiful melancholy roller, lush piano and horn licks reverberate on a bed of moody bass tones. This is the thinking man's drum'n'bass" - Stanza

Without U:

Without U is one slammer of a track, featuring eerie pads, a sweeping melody and delightful vocal. Check out the depth of this track. Once you press play, you won't be able to pull this track off the turntable. The multi-layered drums, pads and vocals open up the track and progressively make way to a breakdown sure to make ya take it to the floor. Beautiful orchestration in the break before the drums come around for round two! Big up on this one!

"Without U is a very deep and moving track... the orchestration moving in and out of the tune, along with the vocal is absolutely beautiful" - Sinistarr

"Without You - This is Deep! The strings in this tune are simply amazing. Epic, haunting and cinematic."

[RELEASE DATE : January 2009]

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