Ink & Loxy Present: Horsementality - Info & Audio

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    We are pleased to present a first look at our brand new Horsementality album, the music contained within and the concept behind the project.

    The original Horsemen concept was initially conceived by 4 minds coming together through one unifying vision. Those minds were of: Ink, Loxy, Keaton and Dylan. Carving out their own unique take on drum & bass. Fusing together specific elements that would form the fundamental cornerstones of the Horsemen sound: raw original sampled breaks, heavy sub bass and dub elements.
    This style and concept has since seeped into the consciousness of a new wave of producers across the globe and has influenced and evolved into the sonics presented here on this album. Ink and Loxy in conjunction with Renegade Hardware are proud to present: Horsementality..
    For this project the boundaries were pushed and the horizons broadened. Compromising 30 tracks and over 30 artists this album showcases the continuation of the Horsemen Mentality.

    Featuring established and new artists in equal measure. Names such as: Ink, Loxy, Skitty, BTK, Gremlinz, Friske, Skeptical, Resound, Amoss, Pessimist, Stranjah, DBK, Overlook, Sam KDC, Blocks, Kaizen, Arclight, Sinistarr, Fade, Linden, Escher, J. Robinson, Getz XTM & Eddie Bo, DJ E, The Untouchables & Mental Forces, Fade & True Renegades. Resulting in a force to be reckoned with!

    The album will be released as 3, 2x12” vinyl EP’s and digital bundle. The digital bundle will feature all 12 vinyl tracks plus an additional 18 digital exclusives.

    Release Dates: EP1 - 31st Oct / EP2 - 14th Nov / EP3 + Digital Bundle - 28th Nov

    You will be able to pre-order the vinyl EPs in our store next week but for now heres the audio...

    Don't forget the HORSEMENTALITY ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY takes place at Area on Sat 29th October.

    Tickets can be bagged here: HERE

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    Nothing more needs to be said about this release
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    The art work is soo sick