Ingredients – Substance LP – An Interview with Clive Ingredients

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    I hear it said a lot these days that, in modern drum and bass, the quantity is too high and the quality too low; you have to traipse through a lot of sub standard music to get to the good stuff. Well thats definitely not the case over at Ingredients Records. Their forthcoming various artists LP entitled ‘Substance’, is nothing short of outstanding, with each tune battling with the last for the top spot. This is a truly magical compilation of music from some of the scenes most gifted producers, on a label thats been serving up michelin star plates (pun fully intended) for the past 5 years since it’s conception. An array of fantastic artists have contributed to the LP, including: Skeptical, Mako, the legendary Total Science and Ingredients’ own, Response, making it a compilation that is sure to make a big splash in the scene when it drops.

    Ingredients have definitely had some exciting releases lately, with Eveson’s fantastic old skool throwback style EP: ‘Dead Mans Chest’ and massive 12”s from the likes of Digital and Response, but I for one can’t contain my excitement for this LP. It’s been in the making for the past year and it shows; a lot of time and effort has gone into this release and we’ve ended up with a tasty chunk of drum and bass to sink our teeth into.

    So I hear this LP has been a long time in the making; why did you decide to undertake the project? And when you started, did you anticipate that it would take a long time to compile?

    Yes about a year actually. I sat on many of tracks for all this time, and then asked Halogenix, Total Science, The Invaderz & Skeptical for 1 tune each to make it an album that people couldn’t resist. I think one thing I’ve learnt......