Infrasound - Waiting (Liquid)

wow pads worked really well in the intro. drop suprised me and fitted really well. got some nice bass there!
got a bit of variety in there too to keep it interesting. seems to be so much good liquid on these forums recently.
nice one man!
Thanks chaps! Quite happy with it myself.

Im liking the vibe to this track dude. Is it finished? I'll have a blast with the sub tommorrow too.

Yeah man that would be sweet if you could test it on a sub. Haven't had the chance to hear it on one yet. Then if you reckon it's alright, then yeah it's finished!
intro is really beautiful it instantly grabbed me - the drums after the drop need filling out a bit i think just seem a bit empty for the build they follow ( the low past drums make you expect alot more) - but still good don't get me wrong. I would have held the chords at the end of the break down (at 4:25 before it proper drops again ) abit more by repeating them a bit to build more anticipation - that felt like a real hands in the air moment for me and I think It would work better than just one bar - overall I really like this congrats!!
Cheers guys!

Anyone know of any small liquid labels that I could send this tune to? Obviously not expecting much from it but can't hurt to try!
Damn man, love your build up, the bassline is great 2. I wonder how u buildup that beat like that in volume, cause in FLS8 i can do it per sound an not per pattern. And how did you get that BL, great man. ONly thing it lacks is some variety.
Keep it up!
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