Infrasound - Backdoor Bandit (Neuro)

listening now..

snare sounds too flat in the intro.. seems to sound fuller when it drops though.

would like to hear more variation in the hihats..

1st drop needs a switch to keep things varied.. maybe lose the synth for a while just have the sub playing with more varied percussive elements happening..

some nice ideas in the 2nd drop..

the kick's mids are nice and present and clear.. just not enough guts.. would like to hear it punch through down below as well..

most important thing i feel its lacking though is a switch in between drops.. something different to listen to besides the main synthline u got going, which sounds pretty decent (could do with a little more dynamics though.. sounds a bit flat). it also ends rather abruptly.

keep up the good work.
Kick is nice but needs a bit more punch, the drums as whole need more variation, especially the hats. Its sounding too static now. The reese is oke, could fattened more with fx and layers. And it ends abruptly as erecsean stated. The outro needs alot work. Good luck!

I'm not completely sure but you use reason right?
I really like that. It sounded better in my headphones than on monitors.....shrug.
The only comment I would have about the structure is that I would like to hear lots of small variations/tweaks in the bass and drums. Just to keep it fresh.
Good work
Thanks for the feedback guys, all taken onboard. Definitely know what you mean about having a switch, was thinking that myself. Also gave the kick another listen and it did need more weight so been working on that.

Oh by the way, Exyze, how did you know i used reason?!
Intro is a bit sparse imho. can see what you were going for though.

First drop is a bit light perhaps, sample works well

resse is filthy!
second drop is punchy, snare sounds meaty.

Not sure of how it ends, but I'm no neuro expert at all.
I enjoyed listening to that, cheers!
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