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    Jan 30, 2008
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    Welcome to Influenza Media,

    a new drum'n'bass label that's gonna release several kinds of drum'n'bass.

    We gonna have a digital part (2008) and a vinyl part end 2008/early 2009.

    For the moment only this forum here but we're working on a proper site/logo (will be designed by and more to come in the following weeks.

    We will keep you up-2-date about the progress.
    More info and news about the first release very soon!

    The launch of the label is estimated around march/april 2008 so sit tight and be patient boys and girls.

    Thankz for your support and help!

    Feel free to send in demo's :

    U can send us your clips/demo's trough msn
    msn : or

    Or u can mail them to
    mail : or

    And we also got aol/aim
    aol : InfluenzaMedia

    Don't forget to zip up your tune with a txtfile with your contactinfo and such on so we know what's from who and we can contact u back....

    We are looking forward to hear some fresh,new talent!!
    So don't be scared and suprise us!

    Forthcoming :

    INMED001 - Rollz - The Truth / T Bone
    INMED002 - Doppler/Morphesis - Fried Rice/Hope
    INMED003 - Vendubz/Innocent Sound - Journey Unknown/ World Of Echoes

    For clips check myspace or forum Influenza Media

    site : (under construction)
    myspace :

    thanks for your attention and have a nice day.

    greets Influenza Team

    p.s : banner coming soon

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